Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desi is standing behind me, humming a Sunshine Generation Song and doing my hair, which is kind of her new thing. Liberty is sitting quietly on the stool next to me. Now she is getting a brush so the stylist can finish my hair. I love my sisters!

I am wearing a new shirt that I got yesterday in Salt Lake. It is pretty snazzy. It says LOVE in rhimestones.

In the living room the boys are repeatedly flying paper airplanes into the moving fan on the ceiling. They keep saying things like "The sparrow is flying!" and "may day, may day!"
I love my brothers.

Unfortunately, Lina is crying. She had lost her personal paper aircraft.

Mom is over by the stove, stirring something that smells good, like dinner, and talking on the phone.

Dad is lying on his stomach in the middle of the living room reading Faith Proceeds the Miracle. (That's pretty couragous! There is a battle going on all around him.)

Desi just told that she loves my hair and how curly it is. That makes me happy! My hair actually does seem more and more curly lately.

She has now finished my hair and is moving on to Liberty's. I want to go look at my hair in the mirror now. You now have a glimse at what our home is like at 6:40 on a Thursday. M

Mom just called us for dinner.