Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 things I Love

I loved yesterday. It was the earthquake anniversary party at the school. It was a lot of fun. All the nice seventh graders that were there went over to the park. We played on the slide. We had a snowball fight.

I love how I love to laugh. People at mutual and in my class always say funny things. I laugh a lot.

I love our church. Today in sacrament meeting Venna Ballard spoke in Sacrament meeting. She talked about our church and how it was built. I used to want a new church like all the other ones in the world, but now I am glad we have a special one.

I love Wells. It is a special town. I like how everyone in Wells thinks they are special because I live they live in Wells. They are special.

I love writing on my blog.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

From the Life of a Publicly Schooled Individual

Do you like my awesome, sofisticated, grown up sounding title? I spent quite a while on it. I want to tell you some interesting things about my life at Wells High School. (There is a Junior High there as well. That's were I go.)I want to tell you some of the boring things that no one cares about, but I like telling anyway, so you don't have to read this if you don't want to.

Well here goes. . .

I have the 3rd largest number of locker in the whole school. It's 96. Stephanie has number 97, and Adrian has number 98. To bad there aren't 100. That would be cool.

At school I am in band. I am the only clarinet. Andrew did play the clarinet, but for only like 3 days. It is kind of fun to be the only one though.

The girls bathroom at the school has purple stalls.

I have the steps in the Responsible Desision Making Model (which I learned in Health) memorized.

The cost for the leadership trip in McDermit on March 6th is $25. I'm going. We are leaving the school at 5 in the morning and geting back at 9 at night! It'll be a long day.

I guess I walk slow. My friends always leave me behind.

I know that three shapes of bacteria. They are Coccus, Bacillius, and Spirilium.

We play the coolest songs in band. The best one is called Ancient Voices.

I wrote a writing assesment about the Bail-Out. I got a 90%.

My math teacher is funny. Except he gives a lot of homework.

After school we sometimes have play practice for How the West was Done. I'm the bartender.

I love public school. ( If you are still reading this you are a very nice person because most of that stuff was pretty boring.)