Sunday, October 11, 2009

babysitting during chicago

babysitting during chicago

for three days,

and morgan

and school too

desi helps
desi is nice

suddenly crash, crash, crash, bang my head, the table is turned, broken, crying

bad day
next day, lemonade is spilt, toy train is broken, tired after play practice
first day, jump rope broke the light, glass to clean, then make lunch

school, helping lina, crying lina, sleeping morgan

it's not that bad

but, . , . , . , . , . , . , . it is

someday over the rainbow, somewhere

going to grandma's, sleeping, we liked ammon's room
grandma is a good grandma

grandpa, nicely fixing the table,fixing it for real

not funner, never funner
singing in oz

Tired, way way tired

awake, heating up chicken nuggets
awake again

When is mom coming home again

? one more day
making pizza tomorrow, making pizza today

is that a black car, hugging mom, hugging liberty, hyrum is there, hugging him, and dad
eating smiling,
headband, happy day

most fun
lina making messes, it's ok, mom is here

"I never want to you to leave me to babysit during Chicago again, mom? I'm glad you're home."

home, sleeping in my bed, home

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Money is something that I need a whole lot of. I'm not the kind of person who saves money well. (I have other strengths.) I buy clothes, jewelry, and all kinds of stuff. I also want to get Desi a nice Christmas present. Us three girls take turns having each other and I have Desi. (We drew names the first year, but now we like having a different person each year. )

Anyway, in the last 2 times I went to clothes stores I spent over $100! I was kind of worried! I did have my Sunshine money for this season, but I had spent it all. I didn't have a way to make money. Even if the lawn mowing season wasn't almost over, I still wouldn't want to mow lawns. If you haven't ever mowed lawns all day long in the heat than you're lucky! I don't think I was meant to be a landscaper like my Dad.

Yesterday I found out something I was meant to be!

I was at school for band and choir. Dad said that if I wanted to make some money I could type out a bunch of names, phone numbers, email addresses, and focus individuals for PBS. I did it. I was surprised at how much I liked doing it. Some of the people on there had really crazy handwriting. I had to decide and figure out what it said. It reminded me of indexing.

Later on last night Dad wanted me to work some more. It was even more fun. I got to copy out a typed page about one of Dad's PBS kids. Then I got to listen to a recorder that Dad had talked into. It was also about PBS. Now I feel like I know all about some of Dad's PBS kids.

Dad says that he has lots more things he wants me to do. I'm like his new PBS secretary. Being a secretary is a lot of fun! Plus I now have money for Desi's Christmas present.

(I have a good idea about it too!)