Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Things Make Me Happy

Little things.
Things like looking at a blue sky,


Having someone smile at me,

Finally knowing all my choir songs perfectly,

Finally knowing all my band songs not perfect, but ok,

Learning about something interesting,

helping someone who needs help,

getting help when I need it,

talking to my mom on the phone,

staying up late with Desi and Liberty,

making a free throw at basketball practice,

and having fun with my friends!

p.s. If you wear size nine shoes please get into Thelma's drawing at

p.p.s. That is not a hyperlink.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Now I Know Why

Sometimes during long, boring 4-H meetings or hot cemetery cleanups, I ask myself, "Why did I join 4-H?"

Sometimes during hard basketball practices when I'm tired and our coach is yelling at us, I think, "Why am I doing basketball again?"

Sometimes when I get long and really hard, depressing piano lessons, I wonder, "Why do I have to do this everyday?"

Well now I know why!

On Thursday, after finishing watching Up, I put on a white shirt and a 4-H tie. I went to the 4-H Achievement Night. It was so nice! There are a ton of new members! It was so much fun. All the old officers had note cards with parts that we had to say on them. First we welcomed the new members (and Liberty). There are a ton! We had parts that tell about the purpose of 4-H, the motto, the colors, and all that jazz. Then we thanked all of the 4-H leaders. They (my mom too) got mugs filled with candy. Someone gave Tammy flowers. Then the new officers were welcomed in. Desi got Vice President! I am the new president. I'm kind of scared though. At the end we did a drawing. Every member from the old year got a prize. I got a green reading light. Desi got a pink hat that says 4-H. It was great. Then we had carrot cake! Hooray! That, my friends, is why I am in 4-H.

Today I got up early! (again!) I put on basketball shorts and a white T-shirt. About a half hour later I stepped onto a school bus full of Junior High basketball stars. (sort of, that might be exaggerating) On the bus we talked and left and went over basketball plays. We eventually stopped at Adobe Middle School were we put on Orange jerseys that say Wells. Mine also said 25. Then we went out and cheered (a lot and loudly) while the boys won against Wendover boys. After that we played West Wendover girls. We won! It was exciting. I didn't play that much, (there are 19 girls on our team) but it was fun. We won! Olivia came to that game. My mom went to both of my games. Then the boys lost to Owyhee. It was tragic, and Owyhee only had five players. It was kind of unfair because one of them was huge and looked like he was a senior! We again cheered a lot. Then we played 5 girls from Owyhee. I was a starter and I made a basket! We actually got an offense to work during that game! We beat them. It was so great. That is exactly why I play basketball!

A long time ago Travis Myers told me that I should learn to play Jessica's Theme. I said ok. We got it off the Internet and it was HARD! I played for months and it was really hard. I almost stopped, but finally (because I have this amazing piano teacher, you may have heard of her, Coralee Dahl) I learned to play it. A few weeks ago I played it for Travis after Sunshine Generation. I didn't even use music. It makes me happy to play it now. The is the answer. That's way I play the piano.

So now you know!

p.s. I wonder if I will ever see the positive results of getting braces. (They were hurting a lot and I can't eat very well.) I probably will though. Hey, I think of one already. They look really cool! I have pink rubber bands and a bright yellow retainer!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friends are Like Flowers

My friends are awesome. I guess that they are kind of like flowers. On Halloween I invited some of my friends over and we made an amazing and scary haunted house. It was the best Halloween ever. Here is a little about each of my friends and what flower they are to me.

Chelsea: Chelsea makes everything so much fun! She's on my basketball team. She has an awesome since of style and is really good at tennis on the Wii. She loves Disney princess stuff. She always makes them laugh. She would be a really great fashion model. If she were a flower she'd be a bright one with big floppy petals and lots of pinks, reds, and oranges.

Emily: Emily reminds me of Liberty! She's on my basketball team. She kind of takes care of me. She will always agree with me and go with me. She's always nice. She is really smart and good at climbing trees. I love her artwork and awesome handwriting. She would be a great artist I think. If she were a flower she'd be a cute little light purple daisy.

Kristina: Kristina is a born leader. She's Emily's older sister. She's a year older than me and she always makes sure that everyone is happy. She is a cheerleader and she's really good at it. She is also in leadership. She is smart and is a good artist. I think she own a business and run it when she grows up. Her flower would be a blue tulip.

Rebecca: Rebecca is just the nicest person ever! She always is friendly and hardly ever gets sad. She is really pretty. She's really athletic and can do a cartwheel (so can Emily). She is a fast runner. I think she would be a great consultant person that helps people be happy. Her flower would be a pink rose.

Alisa: Alisa is SO pretty! She's a freshman. She is always happy and she is kind of quiet. She is in track and leadership. She is a fast runner. She is really smart. She is scary when she pops out of a door in our haunted house. If she were a flower she would be a really pretty blue, yellow and white flower.

Jenny: Jenny is a really good person. She's a freshman. She just got baptized and goes to seminary every day. She is good at painting peoples faces for haunted houses. She is friendly. She should be teacher (not of school, of something else probably) when she grows up. She should be a tall flower with a long stem. It would probably be red and black.

Alex: Alex is such a sweet person. She would never say anything bad about her friends. She hugs me a lot. She always says thank you and tells people how nice they are. She is good at playing video games. She helps me not be scared of dogs. When she grows up, she should work at a daycare and take care of little kids. She is so good at it. Are there any brown flowers? Her favorite color is brown. Her flower would be big with pretty petals.

Brieanna: Brieanna is my new friend. She is sooooo nice. She just called and even though she goes to another church a lot she is coming to the ward party! I can't wait! She is so funny, friendly, and amazing. She smiles a lot. She should be a secretary at an agricultural building/veterinarian when she grows up. (She told me that she likes ag class.) If she were a flower she'd be a red poinsettia. She loves red.

Sarai: Sarai is really nice. I don't really talk to her that much because she isn't friends with my other friends that much, but I think she is amazing. She loves her family a lot. She is good at basketball and she's pretty. She isn't loud and annoying ever. I'm not sure what she should be when she grows up, but I know she'll be great at it. If she were a flower she'd be a blue forget-me-not.

Hannah: Hannah lives in Elko and sometimes I don't get to see her for a long time, but when I do I have so much fun. Hannah is really pretty. Her room always looks perfect and she's really good at playing the Wii also. She is really hilarious. She always goes to church. She is righteous. I love playing with her. When she grows up she should do peoples hair and nails. If she were a flower she'd a pink iris. (Is there such thing?)

Whitney: Whitney lives in Fernely. I usually see her only once a year when she comes for sewing camp. She is an amazing seamstress. She is smart and loves to read. She loves to play games.(just like me) She is really righteous. She should be a writer when she grows up. If she was a flower she'd be a marigold.

Taylor: Taylor is my favorite girl cousin. She is funny and so fun to be with. I haven't seen her because she had to go and move to North Carolina, but I miss her, a lot. I wish she lived closer. . . way closer. She is good at soccor. She should be a movie star when she grows up. Her flower would be tropical looking with yellow, pink, red, and blue.

Dain: I haven't seen Dain longer than anyone else on this list. I cry when I read the letter she gave me when she left. She is so funny, smart, and amazing. She was like my best friend when she was here. She likes to read and is really beautiful. She is good at putting makeup on. She wanted to be a flight attendant when she grows up. I hope she does. Her flower would be red and blue. It would be really pretty.

I love all my awesome friends. I'm glad I have a beautiful bunch of flowers!

(Sorry Braeden, this post is just for friends that are girls. I think you are just as good a friend as anyone on here. You're a great cousin.)

Well I'd better go to the ward party. I wonder how many of my awesome friends will be there.
p.s. If you're wondering, I think I would be a yellow rose if I were a flower.