Wednesday, July 13, 2011


EFY stands for Exciting, Fabulous, Yay!

I know that that is kind of an interesting thing, but I couldn't think of anything better for Y. I guess I could have said that EFY stands for English for Youth, Especially Fat Yaks, Empty Fun Yardstick, or Everyone Forgot You. Those are all kind of sketchy too though. Oh well.

Anyway, last week I went to EFY. I LOVED it! It took me two hours and fifteen minutes to tell my mom about it when I got home. It was the best week of my summer so far. It was great. Everyone in my company was so nice. I made some really, really good friends. Our counselors where amazing too! We had so much fun together.

I didn't expect EFY to be so spiritual either. I during almost every talk and in almost every class and devotional. They had us read our scriptures for a half and hour everyday. I cried during that too. Everywhere we went the boys in our group had to escort us. The dances where really fun.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I believe in the Future of Agricuture with a faith born not of words but of deeds. . .

I have of late, gotten very into FFA. It is so fun! I am in four contests. They are Creed, Parliamentary Procedure, Records, and B.I.G.(Best Informed Greenhand). They are all really fun, except Records sometimes which is kind of hard and confusing, but it's ok. My favorite is probably Parli. Pro. It is REALLY fun and exciting. It is also kind of stressful. My favorite motion is Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn.

"I move to fix the time to which to adjourn, so when we adjourn, we reconvene tomorrow at ten a.m. in the Ag. Room. "

It is great because it has so many parts to remember so that you sound smart when you say it. Zone is February 4th and we Wellsians are going to win!

". . . stand solid for my part in that inspiring task."

P.S. Today I experienced one of the discomforts of agriculture. Mom paid me a dollar to carry a huge, bloody, dead raccoon that Dad shot over the fence with a shovel. It was gross. . . and REALLY heavy for a raccoon, but I did it! Aren't I an agriculture star!