Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Copying

I'm Copying Braeden. He had a good idea for a blog post awhile ago and I'm copying it. He wrote a name of a person he knew for every letter of the alphabet. Here I go. I'll probably end up with way more than one name for each letter.

Ammon, Ashley (both of them), Andrew, Aurelia (both of them), Audrey, Audrien, Anne, Alisa, three Avas,
Braeden, Brieanna, Britta, Brooke (both of them), Ben (both of them), Betsy, Brenden, Bryan, Dallin (two),
Carolina, Chelsea, Cormak, Coralee, both Chelseas, both Callies (which one is getting married!), Christine, Colleen, Coulter,
Deseret, Drew (both of them), Dakota, Dane, Deborah, Dulice, Dain,
four Emilys, Emma (both Emmas), Edgar, Elisa, Enoch, Ellen, Eva, Ericka,
Freja (I do kind of know her and Gavin) I copyed from Braeden's list,
Hyrum, Hannah (all three of them), two Haileys,
Isaiah, Ilse,
Jennifer (all three of them), Josie, Joseph, Jonathon (three of them), Jacob, Jessica (three I think), Jocelyn, Jordan (four!),
Katherine or Katie (I think three), Kelly, Kayla (at least four), Kelsey, Kenzee, Kristina, Kazree, Krystal (two but I think one is named Crystal( two Katelyns,
Liberty, Luke (both of them), Lilianna, Laura, Lindsey (two), Linda (three I think),
Marianne, Melanee, Marcos, Mark (both of them), McKenzie, McCrae, Maddi, Mattie, Mandy (two), Marcus, Marte (two), Mary (two I think), three Megans, Melora, Michelle (two), Mickey,
Niah, Nathan, Nikki
Olivia (all four Olivias that I know),
Q (I don't know one for here)
Robert, Ruben, Rachael, Reese, Renata,
Savanna (two), Shannon, Sarah (three), Shelly, Spenser (two), Sione,
Thelma, Tabor, Taylor, Tammy (two I think), Tessa, Trista, Tyler(three),
U (I don't know one)
V (I don't know one for here either)
Whitney (two), two Wyatts,
X (or here)
Y (or here)

I learned that some letters are popular and some just aren't. I also learned that I know lots of duplicate names!