Sunday, April 19, 2009


A lot of people don't like band. At least in Wells, Nevada, anyway. We've had a few hard years. But I do!!! We have a very small band, but it is probably the best band in the world. I think so anyway! The history of our band goes like this.

2007, Mr. Butcher was our teacher. He was a really good teacher. I really liked him. The trouble is that he was a little too nice. He let everyone do whatever they wanted. Quite a few people quit band.

2008, Mr Rorex was our teacher. He was really good at playing the electric guitar. He taught us kind of weird songs like Ghost Riders in the Sky. He wasn't that good of a teacher. Quite a few people quit band.

2009, (That is this year if you haven't looked at your calender lately.) Mr. Roberson is our teacher. He is the greatest teacher! He makes us work hard. We do really good. He has us do practice sheets. We have to practice music 100 minutes a week. We are really good. We have a small band, but it is the most energenic band ever. We have the funnest music. We work hard, but it is so fun.

Today we moved into the auditorium so we can get used to performing in a large room. We are going to the band festival next Wednesday. We are so ready.

We are playing three songs that we have been working on so hard. They are Marche Militaire, Ancient Voices, and Monolith. Ancient Voices is the absolute best one. It sounds so good. I feel so happy. I'm probably kind of bragging. Oh well. It's probably alright.

I love band!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News

I get to be one of the lawyers in our acting out of a court in English. I am defending the suspects of murder! It is really fun. I have to convince that Cindy (the person who was murdered) was not murdered by my clients, who are Betsy, Andrew, and Reese. The other Lawyer is really, really good! He is Coulter. I have been thinking about strategies of how I can convince the jury. It is so fun! I love it.
I also am in the High School play. I am the only actual non High Scholar in it. I have a pretty small part. On the script it calls me "Little Girl". It is fun though.
I get to go on Dad's special ed Field trip on April 28. We are going to Elko to see the college. Then we are going to our house to have lunch. I'm excited.
On April 29 I get to go to the Band Festival in Elko with my band. Band is so fun for me! Our songs are really, really good I think! We get graded on our performance! I hope we get a one.
Today I used my gift card to Roy's that Katie gave me. I got sub sandwich and a mini pie. Alex, Rebecca, and Emily came too. We had fun.
Last time I told you that I got our plant in Science to stand up it wasn't true. I was still always falling over. . . until today! I got it to actually really, for reals stand up!
I have a lot of good news!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Amazing Accomplishments

Today I had a great day. It is rare that I feel so good about my day so this is special. Here are my amazing accomplishments.

Ate pizza for lunch
Came home from school with Jessica. She subbed for Mr. Thompson.
Completed a day of school It
Opened a book
Mailed an e-mail to Chelsea
Practiced the piano!
Listened to Mr. Wolsey explain all about the rules in a court.
Ignored Carlos who talked constantly during math. (Well the best I could. He was sitting right behind me).
Sang a song as I made up the words
Had my school picture taken
Made the paper daisy Allex and I made for our project in science stay standing!
Never gave up
Took a nap (This is definitely a first for me, but I was so tired.)
Saw a video about sports in Health.

Offended no one (I hope)
Folded the socks

Thought I saw Linda Reed at the post office (It was someone else.)
Opened my clarinet case and practiced the clarinet
Didn't go to play practice because the weather was bad and T-ball was canceled
Ate bread and milk for dinner
Yelled "Hooray," I'm amazing!


Friday, April 3, 2009

It's My Birthday, I Can Cry If I Want To!

That is what my sisters and I have been singing all day. It is my birthday! I feel like the luckiest girl alive. I have so many nice people that love me so much. I just finished reading Thelma's blog. She wrote about her sisters. I'm copying her. I am so thankful for them. I'm also so thankful for the rest of my family. For my birthday I got so many special presents! Deseret and Liberty made me a huge poster with the Wicked Logo on it! It is soooo cool!

I got a cute outfit, a necklace, and a headband from my parents. I also get to go swimming with my friends later today for my birthday party!

I got a jar of peanut butter and a bunch of graham crackers from Carolina. . . . . . . interesting.

I got a thing of bubbles from Morgan.

I got the coolest paper fooseball table that really works that Liberty and Hyrum made. I got a lot of other awesome things also! I am so thankful.

We keep on singing "It's My Birthday, I Can Cry If I Want To," even though I don't really even feel like crying that much. I feel happy!

Happy Birthday self!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vacation Schedule

Friday, March 27, 2009

1:00 pm-School is out. We start out for Carson City.

3:00-Still driving.

6:00-Stop to eat in Fernley at Port of Subs.

6:30-Decide to go visit the Egberts.

7:30-Reach our hotel in Carson City.

9:30-Fall asleep.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

7:00-Wake up.

7:30-Continental breakfast. (Get scared. It's the History Day.)

9:00-Perform my Madeleine thing at the History Day. Be happy that it's over.

9:00-Watch Desi's Performance. It is great.

12:00-El Pollo Loco, Yum!

1:00-Cool museum in Carson City.

2:00-Awards Ceremony! I won, (Not too much of a surprize since I didn't compete against anyone.) Desi came in Second. We were sad she didn't win. She did really good.

2:30-Winners Meeting! I get to go to Washington D. C.

3:00-Go to our vacation house at Lake Tahoe.

Sunday-Tuesday, March, 2009

Fun relaxingness.

Going to a new church!

Playing Fuzball,

Watching Movies,

Playing on the beach,



Being Happy,

Coming Home.