Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know, like Olivia said one time about herself, I've been convicted of blog neglect. I am really busy though, but I guess that's just an excuse, but I really am busy every week when I go to public school for band and choir.

I love going to public school. Dad takes this guy named Kayden to seminary every morning. He lives at Deeth. I used to really hate getting up that early to get to Wells, I still do, but it's better. Now I just sleep on the couch at the church during seminary. I don't like doing school in Dad's room, but I'm not writing about that. I want to write about band.

I love to go to band and choir. In band we are getting ready for the Band Festival in April at the Convention Center. We went last year and it was SO fun. We rode to Elko on a bus with the Jackpot band. I sat by Emily in the very front with only Mr. Roberson, the Jackpot conductor/director guy, (who seemed really nice and had a CTR ring)and the bus driver in front of us. When we got there all the girls went to the bathroom to do their hair. I went too. It was fun for a while, Madison even curled my hair, but soon I just wanted to go hear all the other bands play. I was glad when Mr. Roberson finally made us come out.

The Elko band was definitely bigger and better than ours, (After all it was a band festival for high school bands, and they were all highschoolers. Last year our band was half 7th graders and we only had one highschooler, Devin. He went to band every day for a period all alone. Our whole band was only 12 people.)

We didn't get to play until the afternoon. We had come early to watch other bands. We went to the wood park for lunch. We goofed around and had a really fun time. Except I kind of ruined my hair in the slide. I didn't really care. I not into hair like Junior High girls are supposed to be.

When we finally got to play on stage, I was nervous. We had three really cool songs; Marche Militaire, Ancient Voices,(That was everyone's favorite. It sounded really good I think.)and Monolith. It was great. We got the rating of 2. They rated us from 1 to 5. It wasn't that good, but we really didn't care. We had a great time, so now we're getting ready for it again this year. We have two songs; "Brooke Park" and "In Praise of Gentle Pioneers." They are both really cool even though "In Praise of Gentle Pioneers" sounds like a really weird song, it's actually not.

Our band is better than last year, and bigger too. We had 12, now we have 21. At the beginning of the year there was even more than that. There were even other clarinets, Jordan and Lazaro. When they actually did quit I was actually happy. They didn't even play. They just complained and acted obnoxious, so I'm still the only clarinet. I don't mind though. Now Devin, remember the only highschooler last year, plays the same music as me now. He has a mini soprano sax. That helps a lot. Trumpet music and clarinet music and soprano sax music are all in the same key, so he played the trumpet part last year.

I really like band. Even when we have to tune or work on dynamics, it is still worth it.