Thursday, June 25, 2009

Easy as Pie

Right now I'm all alone in my house. It is weird. I just took my pie out of the oven. Don't worry, I turned the oven off. I put a design on the top. I should take a picture of it, shouldn't I. Here I go. I'll be right back. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ok, I'm back. Here's my picture.
Ok, its not the most beautiful pie ever. The design is not that centered. Oh well.
We made pies at mutual yesterday. It was really fun. Mine is blueberry. I'm excited to eat it. Making pie is kind of hard, so if you ever want someone to do something kind of hard than you can tell them that it's as easy as pie.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This blog starts with Mom than quickly goes off subject. Sorry Mom

I asked my mom what I should write about.

"Your beautiful mother," she immediately answered. I knew she would say something like that. She is very beautiful. I am so excited. I got a picture on here. Here she is.

Here is something about her, she is going to be in a play. Actually our whole family is except Morgan, Lina, and maybe Hyrum. I am so excited. The play is called Forlorn Hope. It's a musical about the Donner Party. (I know Thelma, nothing screams musical like the Donner Party. Did you know that Mom is telling everyone in the world that you said that?)

I was really excited when I found out that the main character of the play is a 14 year old girl. I thought that maybe I could get that part. Unfortunately another girl already got it. She is really short and has a soft voice. It is sad. Oh well.

We went to play practice yesterday. It was a lot of fun when we tried out. Today the director called us and told us our parts.

Hyrum (if he ends up doing the play) will be an extra. Liberty will be Virginia's(the one girl I told you about) little sister. Her name is Patty and she has kind of a lot of lines and a singing solo. Isn't that exciting! Desi's part is to be Virginia's best friend Leanna. Mom will probably be Mary Todd Lincoln.

Desi learned about her in school. She was short and plump. That's funny, but do you know what is even more funny? If Dad were Abraham Lincoln. It would be really hilarious. The lady just said that I would be a grownup. The other lady said I would be a newlywed. I am excited. We will have so much fun.

Now that you know about our exciting play you can come and watch it. It's the second week in August. It will be great.

Friday, June 19, 2009


My last few weeks have definately been full of surprizes. The first one was when I arrived at Girl's Camp and it was pouring rain. We set up ok and I did have an amazing time at Girl's Camp. Here are some of the surprizes about it.

Our skit was kind of lame. Oh well.

A lot of girls came. Even Olivia Taylor came. It was great.

We roasted everything on the planet at our ward campfire. Some things were bananas, apples, gummy bears, chocolate, sticks, hot chocolate, and coconut. It was crazy.

Our tent was a huge disaster and I had to help Olivia and Chelsea to keep there area clean quite a lot. ( Ok maybe that isn't such a surprize.)

Our five mile hike was easier than I expected. We actually only went three and three-fourths of a mile.

I felt the Spirit so strong, probably more than I expected.

I got a microphone and hosted a talk show starring Emily and Chelsea.

I inherited our mailbox. It is a real toilent. Lindsey gave it to me.

I had a wonderful time. (Ok that actually isn't too surprizing. )

Here are some Girl's Camp pictures.

Chelsea and Emily in our tent. I was going to put other pictures on here too but I tried to load another and it took all night and still wasn't done. I finally gave up. Oh well.
Well I finally got home from Girl's Camp, washed my clothes, took a shower, took a nap, and I was off again to Washington D. C. It was amazing. I got to see a lot of awesome things and I did pretty well at the History Day. I didn't get to go on to the finals but I think I did all right. Here are some surprizing (or just exciting) things about Washington D. C.
The metro is loud.
Mount Vernon is really cool.
Dorthy's ruby slippers and Abraham Lincoln's top hat are at the Museum of American History.

If you get to Washington D.C. really late at night and you are hungry, walk through the drive through at Taco Bell if they let you. They let us.
If it is rainy and cold in Washington D.C. and you already bought a T-shirt that says I heart D.C. the day before, buy a sweatshirt any way. You just have to be careful. Everyone in Washington D.C. will have the same sweatshirt.

If you walk a lot in Washington D.C. than you WILL get tired.

If you happen to eat at the "America" resaurant at Union Station get Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Washington D.C. is a wonderful place but you will be so happy to be home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Constructive Thinking

Carolina playing

Mom working on our business
Every summer my m0m gives a lot of effort and thought into our summers. She wants us to do good things and have "Constructive Thinking". (She never actually said that. I thought of it.) Every summer before this one she has had us participate in a summer schedule where we have to do exactly what she says everyday whether we like it or not.
Then this summer Mom got a really good idea. She made everyone a chart with everything they have to do on it. We all really like it. It makes us want to do our work. Look at how happy we look. ;)

Liberty practicing the piano. Hi!

Desi making lunch!

The boys getting ready to go play baseball. Look at
Hyrum's medal. Morgan got one too. He's just doesn't have it on.

Beautiful blond twinners. Go Hansel and Gretel.

Making a hat!
Are you so proud of how constructive we are? Hooray!