Saturday, December 27, 2008


Right now I am listening to the soundtrack to Wicked off the computer. It is just so amazing. I want to stay by the computer so I can listen. I decided to write a blog. When we saw the play of Wicked I was crying the whole time. My dad says I feel things deeply. It reminds me of why I love music so much.

For Christmas Grandma gave me the piano music of Wicked and High School. I've been trying to play it. I love it. I love music.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It was that kind of Day

I'm sure you know about those kind of days when you are just having so much fun you can't believe it. I'm sure you have. It's especially wonderful when you weren't expecting to have nearly as much fun as you are having.

That the kind of day I had on Saturday when my dad, Desi, Morgan, and me went to Salt Lake. It was great! We drove to my cousin Taylor's house. We spent our whole time there. It was the kind of day were you spend the whole time with you family. It was the kind of day when you can goof of with you cousins. It was the kind of day when you can give you cousin a present and she can give you one because it's Christmastime. It was the kind of day when you can show her your blog and together decide what the new background should look like.

It was that kind of day.

It was the kind of day when you can get all the girl cousins over the age of nine and go out to the side of the road and wave and blow kisses and shout Merry Christmas to everyone that goes by. It was the kind of day where you have a big gingerbread house making contest, being on you cousin's team, and making the ugliest ginger bread house and still having the funnest time of all.

It was that kind of day.

It was the kind of day where it's already 6:00 and you have to go home. It was the kind of day when you give your cousin a big hug and say good bye. She is moving to North Carolina. You will miss her.

It was that kind of day.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Blog

I liked my old blog background but it is Christmas time. I tried on a whole bunch of Christmas backgrounds. This one is best I think. I can't wait for Christmas or the Club Hall program we are having tonight. I am an old crancky lady. It will be fun.

Playing Dolls

Playing doll is really fun. I know because I have done it a lot. We do all kinds of things with our American Girl Dolls. We have birthday parties, we have our dolls go sledding when it is winter, we have them wade around in Boulder when it's summer. We have them skate around on ice. Playing with sisters and dolls is one of the funnest things a person can do. I think that anyway.

On Tuesday we got a really great idea. We were going to have a doll fashion show. For Key Boarding in school, Mom let me make programs and pretend score sheets for the teddy bear judges.

When we finally finished school we went into mine and Desi's room. We had decided to have it there because that door has a lock. First we covered everything with sheets. We covered our beds,the window, our dressers, my bookshelf, (lucky me, I have a bookshelf) and our closet doors. Then we made the stage. It was a stool with a blanket over it with a cardboard box on top that was covered with two doll blankets and parts of the sheets that were covering my bookshelf and my dresser.

That is a confusing sentence. Sorry if you can't understand it.

We also made a red carpet staircase out of a little table, a karaoke machine, the box that held Liberty's doll clothes, and a basket with Liberty's tea set. It was pretty except Liberty wasn't too happy about that arrangement.

Then we brought in a stool that Liberty could stand on and shine a flashlight on the stage. We decorated the room with Christmas decorations from the Living room and a poinsettia flower from the Kitchen table. Last of all we brought in four chairs. They were fore Mom, Hyrum, Morgan, and Carolina. We were really excited to start.

During our show we had each doll do a talent, have a little interview, and model around. It was a huge success except Lina wanted her doll to perform which wasn't aloud and Hyrum kept talking. Those thing were to be expected. Other than that it was great. It was really fun.

Then we could look forward to cleaning up the mess!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What is Happening Right Now at the Johnson House?

If you would like the answer you are lucky. I can tell you.

Right now It is 8:17 and Mom is making German Pancakes. I am at the computer righting this. My mom is sick. She just said into the phone,"I'd like to make an appointment. "It is sad.
Hyrum is building a Star Wars Ship out of of Lego's. they are scattered across the kitchen table even though my mom is trying organize breakfast. He is also whistling constantly. It is a little bit annoying.

Liberty is humming "Here comes Santa Clause" and coloring her homework from speech. It is a board game were you have to say an R word to move ahead.

Carolina is watching Cinderella 2. She has a huge blanket over her and about fifty stuffed animals and dolls set up on all the couches. She is so cute.

Morgan is putting on snow pants so he can go play outside. He loves playing outside a lot. It's sad because Hyrum will never ever voluntarily go outside.

Deseret is in the corner of the living room making a secret Christmas present. That is all the information available for her.

Dad is at work.

That is it. Now you know what is happening here.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Said boo!

This year Christmas said boo to me. It is Christmas time already. It is crazy but I like it. It is great. Today I wrote my own version of Silent Night. I even have piano music to it. I am going to play it on Christmas Eve.
On Saturday we got our Christmas tree. It was fun. We went with the Ashbys and the Ballards. We had hot chocolate and cookies. Now we have a decorated tree. It's so pretty. There are a zillion presents under there. I can't wait to see them all opened.
Here is poem I wrote.
The Christmas Season
The Christmas season has sprung.
It's something quite magical and special.
Christmas can be rustic and quaint
brightly colored and new.
When I walk into the room were the Christmas tree stands.
It greets me with warm loving boughs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Running is hard.

I know. I have been running every day for about 3 weeks. This is my typical experience.

7:00, I wake up.

7:02, I complain to Deseret about how hard running is and how I don't want to go.

7:03, Deseret tells me that I don't have to run at all.

7:04, I tell Deseret that I want to run a marathon and be skinny so I do have to.

7:05, Deseret tells me to just go.

7:06, I just go.

Yeah, I know it sounds hard, but my dad bought me expensive running shoes that are part orange and a little bit black. School colors right. There's just one problem. They don't fit. We can take them back though within 30 days even though I wore them outside. They will still let me.
The good thing is that Dad usually goes with me.