Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are You Sure that there are Leprchauns in the Story of the Princess and the Pea (see bottom)

Guess what, I'm a Leprechaun in the Missoula Children's Theater play of The Princess and the Pea. It's true! At first I was a little bit sad that I wasn't the princess but I got over it. We had practice yesterday right after the tryouts. The other Leprechauns are Braeden, Colten, and Joseph Tate. We are supposed to be kind of stupid. It is fun though.


I was sad about my part but now I am happy! I had such a fun time at play practice today. All the Leprechauns know their lines. Even I know my lines! We have green hats with shamrocks on them.

Today we got the set up! It is really cool. Here, I'll tell you what other people are. I'll tell you all the ones you don't already know.

Desi is the Snow Queen who is the queen of Glacierdom, Liberty is a Green Shoot Grower from Riverdom, Hyrum, Morgan, Mark, and Gabe are Dust Bunnies, Emma is a phony princess in Glacierdom and a Winter Wind Worker. Whitney is Jack Frost, Cameron is a River Runner from Riverdom , Levi is King Size who is the king of Riverdom, Kaitlin is a Snow and Sleet Smoother from Glacierdom, Naomi is a Flower Gardener and a phony princess from Riverdom, and Neena is a tree barker from Riverdom.

p.s. The top half of this blog was written on Tuesday. The bottom half was written on Thursday.

YES! (see top)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keeping Order in Orderville (Excuses)

On Wednesday, Dad, Desi and I went to Orderville. It isn't very orderly there. Well at least at Grandma's house it isn't. We helped organize one of the trailers there. We took out everything, including carpet that had gotten ruined from the rain. We put a couch, new carpet, and a bunch of filing cabinets in there. It looks way better. We WERE keeping order in Orderville, until. . .

Taylor and McKenzie came. Our helping sort of ended. We dressed up in all these dresses in one of the trailers. It was so fun. We even dressed Christian in a dress and a wig. He looked so funny! We also went on a treasure hunt. It was so much fun! It wasn't actually a treasure hunt though. It was a ancestor hunt. It was really fun.

We also rode bikes a lot. There weren't enough bikes for everyone so we invented new ways to keep everyone with us. First we tied wagons onto the back of each bike. See, we WERE keeping order in Orderville, until. . .

I got tired. So then McKenzie took it upon herself to do something. This is what she did. She tied the wagon (Christian included) around her waist and pulled it up the hill.

The next day we were going to go to the Orderville pool to guard it and keep order, but. . .

We decided to go a Shakespeare play instead.
It was so funny and awesome! I loved it. It was called Comedy of Errors. We never went back to Orderville but we think it is in good hands.

. . . we weren't that good at keeping order anyway. Oh well, we had fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tina, Trampa, Lina

We have some very exciting news today. This is even bigger than Micheal Jackson! After a long absence, Lina, from the very famous singing group, Tina, Trampa, Lina, is coming back to Starr Valley. While she is there she and her group will be putting on the most exciting show of the century. It has it all folks, drama, suspense, excitement, and love. This show is definitely something you don't want to miss. The name of this concert is not yet open to the public but will be available soon.

Preparations for the show will mainly take place next week, but costumes and songwriting are already in progress. The TTL foundation (which stands for Tina, Trampa, Lina) has chosen not to display a photograph of the costumes just yet, but they are revealing that they are in fact the color pink.

The TTL foundation is also in search of a new publicity manager. They would prefer a male in between the ages of 11 and 13. They also would like him to be from Washington State. For security reasons they are not saying just now why they want these specific qualifications. If you are interested in this job please contact Tina or the awesome pianist Clarissa as soon as possible. You will have to look them up in the phone book to get their number. Contact information can not be posted here.

Please stay tuned for more information about this show. Remember to keep the next few weeks free and when ticket come out, book early. We can't wait to see you at the show. Go Tina, Trampa, Lina.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello Thursday, Oh Hello Thursday

Today is Thursday, right. Well I am saying hello to it. Now if you haven't already guessed I'll tell you were that came in. On Tuesday night we went to Hello Dolly. It was so good. I think that going to plays is the most fun things ever. It is more fun than anything. I love Hello Dolly. It was just amazing.

I am having an amazing summer. I can't believe it is July. I'm so excited for the Missula Children's Theater. Soon I will be saying "Hello Thelma, Oh Hello Thelma," and "Hello Braeden, Hello Emma, Hello Mark, Hello Kurt, Hello Linda, Hello Thane, Hello Levi, Hello Katie, Hello Kevin, Hello Jordan, Hello Gabe, Hello Shelley, Hello Whitney, Hello Coulten, Hello Cameron, and Hello Neena, Hello Naomi, Hello Sarah, Hello Aspen, Hello Autumn, and Hello Katie.