Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weird Things My Sisters and I (and Sometimes our whole family) Say

Friendo (we call each other it)

Good Night, Buenas Noches, Shenanigan (We say it last thing before sleeping. The Buenas Noches is probably spelled wrong and Shenanigan comes the most recent Missoula Children Theater. We change it every year.)

George Tuck (Desi invented him. He is a cowboy who wears a pink and purple shirt, bell bottom orange and maroon, pointed red and green cowboy boots, a purple saddle, and a red and yellow hat, and a multicolor horse. He is supposedly from the movie "George Tuck, Real Man"

Driving by Winnemuca (Desi and I start singing it every time someone says Winnemuca.)

Dorky (We call everything dorky)

funner and more fun debates (Desi and Lib believe in "funner", I believe in "more fun"

the good and bad awesome (the good awesome means awesome, the bad awesome means annoying.)

Italian accents (very frequent, especially with Desi)

prettiful (Instead of beautiful)

Quote every movie and the Missoula Children's Theater

pinch, poke, you owe me a coke or a lemonade (When two people say the same thing together. We added to an original saying.)

Jose (We call Hyrum this. Whitney started it.)

Die (What should we do? Die. What are you going to do? Die. We are terrible aren't we!)

There are lots of others too. As you see, we are very strange people.


I was dreading school. (Well maybe dreading is an exaggeration, but I wasn't too excited.)

On Monday I got done with school at noon. It was amazing. I sat on my couch. (We have assigned seats in our living room.) I got out my orange and ice skate blanket, my school box, and a pencil. I really had a great day.

I am so glad I can be homeschooled! It is so much fun!

On Thursday I went to public school and went to band and choir. Band and choir were SO much fun. I really liked them, but for all the other periods I sat and worked in Dad's room. It made me so glad that I'm homeschooled!

If I'm ever not sure of homeschooling I can talk to my family.

Dad says, "It's great."

Mom says, "I love to have all of my children home with me learning wonderful things."

Desi says, "It like totally rocks dude. Wew!"

Liberty says, "It's good."

Hyrum says, "It's cool, it's awesome, I love it more than anything!"

Morgan says, "I don't know."

Lina says, "You like and you go to it and you love it."

Wow, huh!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Better to be Tired When Your Work is Done than to be Tired When Your Work isn't Done

It's true. I just finished cleaning the messiest house ever. It took 2 hours. Mom and Desi and Liberty were gone to activity day and I was babysitting the little kids. I put Lina to nap and the boys and I got to work. We started at one end of the house and worked to the other, but after a while (5 minutes) the boys lost steam. I decided to just have them go straight to cleaning their own room. In 3 hours they cleaned up half a container of Legos. Now that is progress! (I was just kidding there if you were wondering.)

I cleaned the whole rest of the house. (I think that's bragging. Sorry!)

I can't wait to go to the ward party tonight. I am tired though.

The boys are still cleaning in their room. Morgan just came up to me and said to me in his winiest voice, "I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiired!" He made a really sad face.

How do you say no to that. I just have to go help them finish the other half of the Lego box (plus the whole rest of the room).

So good-bye!

Just remember, It's Better to be Tired When Your Work is Done than to be Tired When Your Work isn't Done.

(That should be on a billboard somewhere I think. Ha, ha!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things Get All Better

A few seconds ago my arm felt itchy. It was annoying.

A few minutes ago Desi and I just made zucchini bread. It was nightmare.

A few hours ago in Sacrament I conducted the music and spoke. It was a disaster.

A few days ago I thought about what it would be like to go running after a two day break. It was miserable.

A few weeks ago I struggled with a really, really hard sewing projects. It was scary.

A few months ago lots of girls were mean to me at public school. It was sad.

A few years ago I had a fire coming closer and closer to my house. It was a catastrophe.

A few millenniums ago I was trying to decide if I should go come to earth or follow Satan. It was intense.

See. . . Bad things happen!

Guess what; things get better.

Guess what else; my arm isn't itchy anymore. I scratched it. It was relaxing.

Desi and I aren't fighting anymore. We made friends again. It is a dream come true.

Sacrament isn't going so bad anymore. I figured out that you have to stop at a fermata when you are conducting a song in Sacrament. I survived my talk. It was awesome.

I'm not scared of running anymore. I ran and it felt great. It was enjoyable.

I'm not sewing anymore. I finished my dress and modeled it in the fashion revue. It was friendly.

I'm not around any mean girls. School ended. It was happy.

There is no fire anymore. It stopped before it got to our house. It was marvelous.

I'm not deciding anything anymore. Luckily I made the right choice in the preexistence! It was great!

See, good things happen too!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making a Decision

If you know me, then you know that I am terrible at making decisions. Oh well. I have other strengths. But some decisions come with deadlines. Those are the kind I hate.

I needed to decide if was going to public school in 8th grade or not. I had to know a little bit before school started, right? Well, I had just kept on putting it off all summer. Then on Sunday Mom told me I had to decide today. I was fasting about it too.

First I made a Pros and Cons list. I thought about going. What is 8th grade like at Wells High School anyway? I know what 7th grade is like, but is 8th grade different. Well I read a book by John Bytheway called You're Gonna Make it Though Junior High. He said that 8th grade was the worst year of his life. Well that was very encouraging. I just really wanted to go to band and choir.

I also thought about staying home. I could sleep in. That is definitely a pro. I also wanted to have more time to play the piano and play and run. Mom also says we can make a quilt.

I decided that I wanted to stay home.

I prayed about it. It made me cry. I am now going to stay home! I'm excited!

(See, I can make decisions!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It Worked!

I am not a slacker! I tried to write on here a bazillion times but I couldn't remember my password and so I kept on trying to change it. You know how on the bottom of the little box is says in blue?

Forgot your password?

You know?

Well today I finally remembered my password. I would say it here but that probably isn't very smart. I don't want any evil hackers messing with my blog. (Not that you are an evil hacker. )

I am just very happy! I was just trying everything I could think of, when it finally worked.