Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Being Surpassed!

I'm being surpassed! Desi has written a blog post everyday. I can't keep up. Now instead of writing a page everyday for school, Mom said that Desi can write a blog post everyday instead. She is really good at it too. Maybe she'll inspire me.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Since it seems like a trend to theme our blog posts after Tina, Trampa, Lina songs than I guess I should join in the trend. They have a song called Sisters.

My sisters (being the lovely girls they are) now have blogs. It was Desi's idea. She is a really good writer and has written on her blog 3 times in 3 days. She is just like Thelma. (They are both the second child. . . and girl. )

Liberty, on the other hand, hasn't written at all on her blog. We just made her one. We hope she writes something, but it's ok if she doesn't. While we were on the Internet she was playing with Mall Madness with Lina. She is amazing, isn't she?

I love my sisters. I'm so blessed to have them. They are the best.

Oh, anyway, I almost forget, there blogs are www.deseretjohnson.blogspot.com and www.libertyejohnson.blogspot.com. They are great.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Disaster Dinner

It tasted normal, but it was hard to get. Here's the crazy story.

It all began last night at Wal-Mart (don't you love Wal-Mart?) We were in a hurry to get to play practice on time. Desi needed to pick out fabric for her Halloween costume. Mom went with her and left me at the Subway in Wal-Mart with nothing but $35, a Subway card, and 4 hungry children. I was scared.

We had already gone over exactly what I was supposed to order (like 19 times) and so I thought I would do fine. I didn't have to wait long. The line was short. When I got to the front I said Hi and started ordering. This cranky looking high school boy was the one working there. I ordered everyone wheat bread and their preferred meat. (check!) After that things just kind of went downhill.

Hyrum did NOT want lettuce. I got him lettuce. (accidentally, really) Then, after ordering topping stuff for Mom's and Desi's sandwiches I said, "That's all." The trouble was that I still wanted vinegar and oil and mayonnaise. It was too late. Then I didn't remember if Lina wanted olives. She was sitting way far away on a table. Just when I had sent Liberty to go ask her, Brianna Archeleta from band tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hi," she said, "What are you doing?"

"Ordering Subway for seven people," I told her.

Then it was Morgan's turn. He couldn't decide. He took forever to tell what he wanted and what he didn't want. While he was deciding our cranky Subway worker and all the people in line behind us in line glared at us.

Finally the sandwiches were done. I started ordering drinks for everyone. When I was just getting done I realized that the kids meals came with drinks. I also forgot to order chips. It was probably OK though because we were 81 cents (Is there a cents sign on the keyboard) short. I didn't know what to do. I tried the only thing I could think of. I handed him the Subway card. It turns out that we had a reward on there to get a free drink. It worked out!

I thought the worst was over when Hyrum came over to me. I need a cup. He had gotten a soft drink. Up at the place where you order there was a bunch of fancy holders for the different sizes of cups. One was all out. Hyrum grabbed the smallest one. I think it was size small but I wasn't sure.

At the same time that was happening Liberty was asking me if she got apples with her kids meal. (Count on Liberty to want healthy food. She even got white milk over chocolate milk! ) I looked up at the picture of the kids meal and sure enough there was a picture of apples with it. I told her that I didn't want to ask for apples so if she wanted them she could ask. She didn't of course. I felt kind of bad. During all of this all the little kids were begging me to let them go get chips. I felt bad again when I told them no. I told them all the money was gone. Hyrum said he had two dollars and that he would buy a bag of chips with his own money. I told him no way.

I had to hurry and eat my sandwich so we could get to play practice. I had accidentally ended up with cucumbers (ew) and no mayonnaise on my sandwich. I tried to make Lina eat. She didn't take more than two bites out of her sandwich.

Right then Desi ran up to me and showed me her new fabric. I was purple. I handed her her sandwich which I actually got right. She asked for her drink. I realized I hadn't bought enough drinks.

She asked for chips too. I told her again that we had spent all the money. She and Mom couldn't believe it. (That's inflation for you. ) Mom didn't stay long though. She went to check out and left us to clean up. During that process we dropped two sandwiches and spilled a thing of chocolate milk. While Lina started crying Desi and I tried to mop up the mess. An old lady sitting at a table next to us started laughing.

It was definitely a Disaster Dinner. I thought that that was all that went wrong. It wasn't. I just realized that I they never gave me Mom's water bottle.

It was a crazy night but it was worth it. Play practice was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh the Bees in the Trees and the Bats in the Breeze Couldn't Do What the Jitterbug Does

. . . and I'm proud to be a jitterbug where at least I know I'm with my sisters. And I won't forget the Mom who drives who gave the right to me. And I'll gladly dance right next to my partner to help the Wicked Witch. 'Cause there ain't no doubt I love the land of Oz. God Bless the Jitterbugs. (and the U.S.A)

Last night play practice was fun but tiring. They have the music now and everyone knows the Jitterbug dance really well. It's going to be so fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Washington Adventures

Day One

Goodbye house, I said to myself as my family's black Expedition got on the road heading towards Wells. We were on our way. Mom had bought each kid a notebook to write about the trip in and we had each promised not to fight the whole trip. We were excited to get to the Davises house the next.

Day Two

Excitement of sitting in the car was fading fast, but still no one had fought. I passed the time by staring out my window. The closer we got to Everett the more green everything was and the more trees there were. There were also a lot of bodies of water. Everyone was so ready to get there and I was dying to get to see Wicked. Later that day we finally made it. Braeden was standing out side waiting for us. I couldn't believe we had made it! That night we saw Wicked. It was just as amazing as before! I cried just as much as last time.

Day Three

I woke up a little groggy that morning. After Wicked (which ended pretty late anyway) we had stayed up even later talking. When we finally got up and ate breakfast we headed towards this hike the Davises knew. It lead to ice caves. It was really cool. That night we went to Alfy's pizza restaurant with the Davises friends the Jorgensons. They were really nice.

Day Four

We played the greatest game. It was called settlers of Catan. I lost but I was the only one who wanted to play again. I really liked it. That afternoon we went swimming in a river at the church ranch for the Davises stake. It was freezing water, but I got used to it and had a really great time. That night the older cousins and their Dad's went to go visit Adams parents. They were really nice. There was a BYU football game going, but us girls went and played outside.

Day Five

We were going to go to church but Lina got the stomach flu. (I have it now. I am feeling better though. I could be at mutual but I'm sick. It's sad.) Anyway Mom and Dad decided to just leave when we got up. It was really sad. All of us cousins tried to come up with scemes to let us stay longer or have the Davises come home with us. None of them worked however. We drove all day (It was not the best of days and the little kids fought a liitle) and slept in Boise.

Day Six

We woke up and swam in our hotel pool. It was fun. Then we drove home! It was SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO nice to be home. I love it at home. I'm so glad that I live here and don't have to drive all the time!