Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Seeing that Thanksgiving is in two days I will tell you everything I'm thankful for. Ok? Ok.

I'm thankful for:

The gospel in my life
My amazing immediate family
My amazing extended family
That it is a blizzard outside and school is cancelled
My friends
My sisters' friends (Jessica Ballard went to Salt Lake with us yesterday and now she is snowed in with us. She is amazing and so are all Liberty's and Desi's other friends.)
Plays and musicals
Makeup (mostly mascara)
My phone
My teachers
My voice
My Young Women Leaders
That I have bought all my Christmas presents and I am happy with them, plus I'm not broke (although, I am close. I only have 12 dollars left.)
My classmates at school
My clarinet
The piano
My brain
The computer
My new brown boots that are soooo cute that I got for only $7!
My new eshakti dress (go to eshakti.com and they have the most amazing, cute, modest, dresses that actually fit!)
clear nail polish
That I finished my periodic table of people I know for Science!

(I realize that this list is really long and boring and I commend you for reading this far, but really I won't be offended if you stop reading, because I plan to keep writing a lot more.)

Hot bath
Delicious food
jewelry (especially earrings)
Christmas is coming up
Stake Dances
Any kind of dances
Sheet music that you can download off the Internet for five dollars that you get right away
Stuffed animals
Alarm clocks
My Cinderella collection
How crazy and funny people are
My house
Temple Square
Our dishwasher is coming tomorrow
Braces (even though they hurt)
Little oranges are in season
I can give piano lessons to McKenli
I applied to be an FFA Greenhand Officer (I want to be Vice President)
You can program peoples numbers onto your phone so you don't have to remember them

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hi, sorry I'm so lame. I just realized I haven't written since May! That was four months ago. I was such a blog neglecter this summer. It's ok though because all you other bloggers out there made up for me with your awesome posts.

Well I would like to tell you about every day of my summer in great detail, but it would probably take a week, so I won't. I did have a REALLY great summer though. I think it was the best summer I've ever had. It was pretty crazy. I was really busy. I went to Youth Conference, Girls Camp, FFA Camp, BYU Basketball Camp, The Missoula Children's Theater, and to Salt Lake a few times. I had so much fun!

Also this summer I got to go to my first. . . and second, and third stake dance. I also went to two dances at FFA Camp. They are REALLY fun. I had a great time at them.

When summer ended, school started. (Wow, way to state the obvious, Clarissa.) I am going to public school at Wells High School. I really like it. I'm a freshman and my locker is #75. It's pretty great. I also have a really nice new friend from Idaho named Kayla. I also have a lot of great friends I already knew. My life is pretty great.

Now I've written a blog. It feels good to not procrastinate it anymore. I promise to write more, but probably I'll end up not writing for four more months. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

For Good

I'm so thankful for all the great people I know that do nice things for me, like Mom, Dad, my sisters, my brothers(sometimes, no just kidding), my grandmas, my grandpas, my aunts, my uncles, the Young Women presidency, my friends, my teachers, my cousins, my second cousins, my third cousins(no just kidding, I don't think I know any of them), my 4-H leaders, my Sunday school teachers, and on and on. They are great.

Now, I am going to be a talent show on Thursday. It's at the school. I am singing this amazing song with my friend Alyse. It is called for good. It's from the musical Wicked. For those Wicked fans out there. (not like bad, wicked, like the musical Wicked) Here are some of the words;

So much of me is made of what I learned from you. You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart. And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend. . .who can say if I've been changed for the better? I do believe I have been changed for the better. Because I knew you I have been changed for good.

I really like that song. It reminds me of all the people I said earlier. I am sure thankful for them. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Baddish Day Made Better

Yesterday was a crazy day. I went to school. I was really excited that I got to sleep in a little, (Hayden is no longer going to seminary) even though I should be sorry that Hayden isn't going to seminary anymore. I am kind of. (the tiniest, microscopical, little bit sorry)

Anyway, I slept in, but it ended up me sleeping in too much. I didn't have time to put on my new makeup. I did my makeup in the car. It was an experience I wouldn't like to repeat. After I finally got it to look somewhat normal I reached inside my bag for a brush. (I very rarely brush my hair except in a moving vehicle. It's weird.) There was no brush! I looked everywhere. By this time we were to school and Dad had already gone in. I went inside the school. I was worried that my hair looked really messy. A lot of people were wearing miss-matched socks, weird hats, or crazy bright colors and patterns. Sometimes at Wells High School they have a weird dress up day. It was crazy day. Some people even had crazy makeup and ratted, crazy hair. (Hey, maybe I can blend in.) I asked Brieanna, Emily, Chelsea, and Mandy if they had a brush. No one did. I finally had to brush my hair with my fingers in Dad's room. I survived.

But everything that happened yesterday wasn't completely bad. There was also a lot of good things. I went to the store with Emily. It was way fun, except we didn't have enough money for everything we wanted to buy. We were 87 cents over. I thought we would be. I had to give up my orange juice, but it was ok.

Band and Choir went well, but all day I was nervous. Everyone was. Finally, it was time to get ready for the concert. I actually got ready in the bathroom of the band room. I didn't get to go home between. I had played basketball with Emily, practiced the piano, ate at McDonald's, and been nervous.

There were a ton of black and white clad students in the band room. Everyone was nervous and warming up and tuning. I was just a little flat on my clarinet, as usual. You're supposed to push in if you're flat. I am always all the way pushed in. It is sad, but ok.

Finally we went to the auditorium.

First the elementary band went. They played "Hard Rock Blues". Everyone loves that song. I was holding my clarinet and resisted the urge to play along. I did the fingering though. I have forgotten one part though.

Then it was our choir's turn. I loved it. Singing in front of people is so much fun if you really know the song. People were out of tune a lot though. I stand right next to the two people who always get out of tune. It is sad. I didn't really care then though. It was great.

Then the high school choir went. They did pretty well.

Then our band went. We did really good. Our two songs were good. It was over really fast. Desi and Lib gave me fake flowers. They are so nice.

I asked Mom how it all sounded. She said our choir sounded really out of tune a lot. I asked her if it was me. She said no, but it was other people. I was sad. I wanted it to be like all really amazing. I kind of wished that I had just stayed in bed all day and not had so many trials, but Mom convinced me of all the good I did. She told me that our band sounded amazing and no one would care if our choir sounded out of tune, and it wasn't me anyway. She told me how great I am (even though I'm not that great.) She is nice like that.

Moms are amazing. If you see yours any time soon, tell them they are great.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ten Reason Why I'm Happy

Thelma sent me a birthday card. It was very nice. At the end she wrote. "Write a blog already. (I know, I know, you're busy.)"

So this blog is for Thelma. I am really good at writing scattered, theme less blogs that go everywhere. I have a lot to write about so this might be like that, but I'm going to try to give this blog a theme even if it's broad. Here it is;

Things I'm happy about

1) Spring has sprung around here. When I say that I mean there is no longer snow on our back porch and the sun is shining. That's good enough for me. I was just jumping on the trampoline!

2) I have an awesome cell phone.

3) I have unlimited texting on my phone so all you adoring fans out there can text me. Call my mom to get my number.

4)I am going swimming. . .outside. (well kind of) Our family is taking the Activity Day girls to 12-mile. This afternoon. For those of you who aren't familiar with 12-mile, it's a little hot springs 12 miles from Wells.

5) We got a Wii! It has Wii Fit on it. It is good exercise and is really fun.

6) I have finally lost a pound! I have been working and working on losing weight. I think the Wii is helping me!

7) It's Spring Break!

8) I got makeup and for my birthday that I love. I have a great beauty consultant. It's Jennifer! I recommend her to you all. (not that you need a beauty consultant)

9) Our band (and choir!) concert is in six days! I'm really excited. . . and nervous.

10) I FINALLY wrote a blog! I'm sorry I don't write much. Read Thelma's blog if you want more posts. Plus it's really fun to read!

11) There is just one thing I'm sad about. Pictures won't work on our computer right now. I can't figure it out. Neither can Desi or Dad.

It's ok though. The good things definitely outweigh the bad things.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Copying

I'm Copying Braeden. He had a good idea for a blog post awhile ago and I'm copying it. He wrote a name of a person he knew for every letter of the alphabet. Here I go. I'll probably end up with way more than one name for each letter.

Ammon, Ashley (both of them), Andrew, Aurelia (both of them), Audrey, Audrien, Anne, Alisa, three Avas,
Braeden, Brieanna, Britta, Brooke (both of them), Ben (both of them), Betsy, Brenden, Bryan, Dallin (two),
Carolina, Chelsea, Cormak, Coralee, both Chelseas, both Callies (which one is getting married!), Christine, Colleen, Coulter,
Deseret, Drew (both of them), Dakota, Dane, Deborah, Dulice, Dain,
four Emilys, Emma (both Emmas), Edgar, Elisa, Enoch, Ellen, Eva, Ericka,
Freja (I do kind of know her and Gavin) I copyed from Braeden's list,
Hyrum, Hannah (all three of them), two Haileys,
Isaiah, Ilse,
Jennifer (all three of them), Josie, Joseph, Jonathon (three of them), Jacob, Jessica (three I think), Jocelyn, Jordan (four!),
Katherine or Katie (I think three), Kelly, Kayla (at least four), Kelsey, Kenzee, Kristina, Kazree, Krystal (two but I think one is named Crystal( two Katelyns,
Liberty, Luke (both of them), Lilianna, Laura, Lindsey (two), Linda (three I think),
Marianne, Melanee, Marcos, Mark (both of them), McKenzie, McCrae, Maddi, Mattie, Mandy (two), Marcus, Marte (two), Mary (two I think), three Megans, Melora, Michelle (two), Mickey,
Niah, Nathan, Nikki
Olivia (all four Olivias that I know),
Q (I don't know one for here)
Robert, Ruben, Rachael, Reese, Renata,
Savanna (two), Shannon, Sarah (three), Shelly, Spenser (two), Sione,
Thelma, Tabor, Taylor, Tammy (two I think), Tessa, Trista, Tyler(three),
U (I don't know one)
V (I don't know one for here either)
Whitney (two), two Wyatts,
X (or here)
Y (or here)

I learned that some letters are popular and some just aren't. I also learned that I know lots of duplicate names!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know, like Olivia said one time about herself, I've been convicted of blog neglect. I am really busy though, but I guess that's just an excuse, but I really am busy every week when I go to public school for band and choir.

I love going to public school. Dad takes this guy named Kayden to seminary every morning. He lives at Deeth. I used to really hate getting up that early to get to Wells, I still do, but it's better. Now I just sleep on the couch at the church during seminary. I don't like doing school in Dad's room, but I'm not writing about that. I want to write about band.

I love to go to band and choir. In band we are getting ready for the Band Festival in April at the Convention Center. We went last year and it was SO fun. We rode to Elko on a bus with the Jackpot band. I sat by Emily in the very front with only Mr. Roberson, the Jackpot conductor/director guy, (who seemed really nice and had a CTR ring)and the bus driver in front of us. When we got there all the girls went to the bathroom to do their hair. I went too. It was fun for a while, Madison even curled my hair, but soon I just wanted to go hear all the other bands play. I was glad when Mr. Roberson finally made us come out.

The Elko band was definitely bigger and better than ours, (After all it was a band festival for high school bands, and they were all highschoolers. Last year our band was half 7th graders and we only had one highschooler, Devin. He went to band every day for a period all alone. Our whole band was only 12 people.)

We didn't get to play until the afternoon. We had come early to watch other bands. We went to the wood park for lunch. We goofed around and had a really fun time. Except I kind of ruined my hair in the slide. I didn't really care. I not into hair like Junior High girls are supposed to be.

When we finally got to play on stage, I was nervous. We had three really cool songs; Marche Militaire, Ancient Voices,(That was everyone's favorite. It sounded really good I think.)and Monolith. It was great. We got the rating of 2. They rated us from 1 to 5. It wasn't that good, but we really didn't care. We had a great time, so now we're getting ready for it again this year. We have two songs; "Brooke Park" and "In Praise of Gentle Pioneers." They are both really cool even though "In Praise of Gentle Pioneers" sounds like a really weird song, it's actually not.

Our band is better than last year, and bigger too. We had 12, now we have 21. At the beginning of the year there was even more than that. There were even other clarinets, Jordan and Lazaro. When they actually did quit I was actually happy. They didn't even play. They just complained and acted obnoxious, so I'm still the only clarinet. I don't mind though. Now Devin, remember the only highschooler last year, plays the same music as me now. He has a mini soprano sax. That helps a lot. Trumpet music and clarinet music and soprano sax music are all in the same key, so he played the trumpet part last year.

I really like band. Even when we have to tune or work on dynamics, it is still worth it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desi is standing behind me, humming a Sunshine Generation Song and doing my hair, which is kind of her new thing. Liberty is sitting quietly on the stool next to me. Now she is getting a brush so the stylist can finish my hair. I love my sisters!

I am wearing a new shirt that I got yesterday in Salt Lake. It is pretty snazzy. It says LOVE in rhimestones.

In the living room the boys are repeatedly flying paper airplanes into the moving fan on the ceiling. They keep saying things like "The sparrow is flying!" and "may day, may day!"
I love my brothers.

Unfortunately, Lina is crying. She had lost her personal paper aircraft.

Mom is over by the stove, stirring something that smells good, like dinner, and talking on the phone.

Dad is lying on his stomach in the middle of the living room reading Faith Proceeds the Miracle. (That's pretty couragous! There is a battle going on all around him.)

Desi just told that she loves my hair and how curly it is. That makes me happy! My hair actually does seem more and more curly lately.

She has now finished my hair and is moving on to Liberty's. I want to go look at my hair in the mirror now. You now have a glimse at what our home is like at 6:40 on a Thursday. M

Mom just called us for dinner.